12 Occasions to Send Business Gifts For All Industries

Looking for occasions to appreciate your customers with thoughtful client business gifts? Here’s a business gift-giving occasion list for all industries, as well as specific ideas for the hotel, insurance and wedding industries.

Reasons to Send Client Business Gifts For All Industries

There’s no better way to show appreciation than by sending a thoughtful gift. Here are some reasons to send business gifts.

  1. Say thank you
  2. Celebrate an anniversary
  3. Reward a referral
  4. Welcome someone
  5. Reconnect with an old friend or client
  6. Leave an impression and create awareness with a branded gift
  7. Express appreciation to a friend or employee
  8. Stand out from competitors by sending a gift, just because
  9. Say happy birthday
  10. Celebrate a national day
  11. Reward employees
  12. Thank co-workers

    Business gifts allow you to be deliberate and gracious, while making a strong, positive impression for your company. To make client gifts an easy check on your list, we created a "set it and forget it" experience program. We hand-selected the most thoughtful presents and created ready-to-ship boxes for your business gifts. Learn more here.

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