8 Reasons to Send Your Couples Gifts For the Wedding Industry

Reasons to Send Client Business Gifts For the Wedding Industry

You’ve been selected to provide services for a bride and groom. This industry gives you the opportunity to be thoughtfully charming with your gifts.

  1. Mail a gift directly after booking
  2. Send a consultation reminder with a gift
  3. Get the bride and groom excited about their wedding day with a gift a few weeks in advance
  4. Give them a sneak peak of your services (Photographers can send a postcard; florists can send flowers; planners can send a personalized calendar)
  5. Give them something on their wedding day, maybe even something from the registry
  6. Thank your client for their purchase by sending a honeymoon gift
  7. Send an anniversary gift
  8. Celebrate your company’s anniversary (x years in business!)


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