8 Reasons to Send Corporate Gifts Outside of the Holiday Season

Whether it’s National Donut Day or a random Thursday in March, giving corporate gifts outside of the holiday season may be one of the best ways to show true customer appreciation. You will stand out from the rest when you send outside of the holiday season. 

You may have been one of those businesses that sent gifts during the holidays. However, you can and should make your clients feel special all year long. Actually, it’s crucial that you do so! Why?

  • 1. Clients feel a greater sense of gratitude

  • This is due to the fact that you didn’t just send a Christmas card, you sent a curated gift — just because! 

  • 2. Spontaneous gifts have a higher impact

  • It’s likely that you receive an abundance of gifts and cards during the holiday season, and it’s amazing! Unfortunately, though, for you and your business, this means that your clients may also receive the same. Holiday gifts, although important too, become one of many. Sending a little something any other time in the year will leave a larger impression.

  • 3. Clients see your willingness to go above and beyond

  • Gifting outside of the regular season shows your clients that you are willing to go the extra mile. Wouldn’t you want to hire and refer someone who shows dedication?

    4. Your business stand outs from the crowd

    Sending business gifts or corporate gifts after the holidays makes you stand out! You’re not like everyone else. You appreciate your customers all year long, not just when jingle bells are ringing.

    5. Show clients you remember them

    Birthdays, anniversaries, national days, referrals, project completions — the year is full of many opportunities to gift. Take advantage of them!

    6. Improve your relationship with clients

    A spontaneous gift increases admiration and trust. That larger impression and greater sense of appreciation from a random gift is extremely likely to result in a better relationship between you and your customers, which is exactly what you should be seeking. According to an Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) study, 62% of survey respondents give gifts to clients or prospects to develop relationships.

    7. Increase customer referrals

    Customers who are happy and appreciated are likely to refer you! They’ll think of you when December 25th is long gone, because your spontaneous gift made your business top-of-mind.

    8. Show clients how genuine your relationship is

    Your business will seem more genuine. The holidays often come with an obligation to hand out many bow-topped gifts. Sending client or corporate gifts outside of the usual season shows that you actually want to give a gift, and aren’t gifting because you feel obligated.

    Most businesses believe that the ‘season of giving’ is a wonderful excuse to send corporate gifts. With so many presents coming and going during the holidays, it’s easy for your business to get lost. In fact, an Advertising Specialty Institute study reported that five percent more companies planned to give business gifts this last holiday season. Make sure you are not being forgotten.

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