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Can I include my marketing materials, media kit or welcome letter inside my gift boxes?

Absolutely! You can either mail us the materials you'd like to include or have our creative team design and/or print your materials for you. An added service fee will apply based on what we need to design/print to go inside. If you are considering adding marketing materials, please order at least 4 weeks before your gift boxes need to be shipped so that we can get all the details in place.

Do you ship gifts directly to my clients?

YES! Our philosophy is Gifting Made Easy, Effortless and Elegant! As a full service gifting agency, we ship ALL of your gifts directly to your clients. All shipping costs are included in the price of your gift boxes.

How do you know where to ship my gifts?

After your order is placed, we will contact you to confirm all of the shipping details for your clients. Even if you purchase 50 gift boxes with one shipping address at checkout, we WILL NOT ship everything to the shipping address on the order (unless otherwise stated by you.)

If you'd like to get a head start and are either planning to or have already placed your order, send us your client shipping details using one of the two methods below.

  •  If you're sending more than 10 gifts: Email us a CSV export of your clients' shipping details, or download and complete our Bulk Shipping Excel Template here. Email either file to Evona@giftingmade.com.

    Can I place my order now but have my gifts shipped later?

    Absolutely! We actually prefer you place orders ahead of time. We’re happy to accept orders weeks, months or even a year in advance. We’ll manage your entire calendar year of gifting, shipping each gift as needed based on pre-planned milestone, dates (birthday, wedding day, client anniversary, contract renewal, etc..)

    How do I customize my gifts to be a birthday gift or a new client welcome gift, etc.?

    Easy! Each of our gifts can be customized to fit absolutely ANY occasion! Simply choose the note card that best fits your special occasion, for example, “Happy Birthday” or “Welcome” or “Congratulations”, etc. or create your own message.

    Can I include my logo in my gifts?

    Yes! All of our gift boxes include a custom logo seal inside and the opportunity to brand your gift box note cards. If you choose not to include your logo, we will use our Gifting Made sticker. We can also include your company logo on the note cards that come inside your gift boxes. Our design team will work with you to quickly create a custom design.

    Other branding options include fully printed and branded gift boxes, branded tissue paper, and more. For details on custom upgrade options and pricing, simply contact us at hello@giftingmade.com.

    Why don't you have a HUGE selection of gift boxes?

    Great question! It’s by design! Too often we all get overwhelmed by the amount of options out there (don’t you?) Our careful curation process involves researching, sampling, testing and considering 100s of products taking into account the smallest of details. We do all the work to make it SUPER easy for you to choose from a selection of uniquely awesome gifts!

    As the seasons change, so do our gifts! You’ll notice our winter collection is filled with rich and chocolatey items while spring is lighter, with more florals and honey. You can be sure that no matter what time of year you’re gifting, we’ll have the perfect gift for you to send!

    Can I create a custom gift box?

    Yes! Absolutely! There are two options to create a custom gift box:

    1. Custom Combo From Current Season: You can combine any of the items you see across the gift boxes currently shipping as long as you're planning to ship within the same time frame. (Ex: If it's fall, you can combine and swap items from one gift box into another, as long as your custom gift box ships within the same fall timeframe.) Some restrictions may apply based on the products you choose. Email us to let us know which items you'd like to combine and we'll contact you to let you know if there are any issues! Just email hello@giftingmade.com
    1. Totally Custom Gift Box: We're also happy to work with you to create a totally new and unique gift box option. There is a minimum order requirement of 50 gift boxes for this option and the price will vary based on the size of your gift box, how many, and what kind of items are inside. We require a minimum of 8 weeks notice for any custom project. Any Totally Custom Gift Box order placed less than 8 weeks from the delivery date is considered a rush order and is subject to rush fees. Totally Custom Gift Box orders require a 50% deposit with the remainder due before shipping.