1. Can you design my swag/apparel for me?

Yes! We'd love to! As a full service corporate gifting agency we take care of absolutely everything from start to finish – whether you're ordering custom gift boxes, custom swag or branded apparel, our design team will always work with you to design your items, free of charge.

2. Can I include my logo on my gift boxes?

Yes! All gift boxes include a custom logo card and sticker seal

Other branding options include fully printed and branded gift boxes, branded tissue paper, and more. For details on these custom upgrades contact us at hello@giftingmade.com.

3. Do you create custom gifts?

Absolutely, we love creating custom gifts! For new custom projects, we require a minimum order of 50 gifts and at least 6 weeks notice. Custom projects require a 50% deposit with the remainder due before shipping.

Custom gift boxes can be shipped at once or staggered based on client milestones such as birthdays or client anniversaries.

Custom gift ideas include: 

  • Custom birthday gift boxes
  • Custom employee welcome gifts
  • Custom client anniversary gift boxes
  • Welcome gift boxes for conferences
  • Custom branded t-shirts and team hoodies
  • Custom water bottles

4. How do you know where to ship my gifts?

After purchase, we will contact you to confirm shipping details for all of your gift boxes. Even if you order 50 gift boxes with one shipping address at checkout, we WILL NOT ship your gifts without confirming shipping details with you.

Can't wait? Simply fill out our Bulk Shipping Excel Template here and email to evona@giftingmade.com

    5. Can I place my order now but ship my gifts later?

    Absolutely, we love that! Interested in longer term gifting? Consider us your official CGO - Chief Gifting Office - We parter with businesses to manage their entire calendar year of gifting, shipping each gift as needed based on pre-planned milestones such as birthdays, weddings, client anniversaries or quarterly.

    If ordering one-off gifts, simply add shipping timeline details in the "Gift(s) Must Arrive By:" section and place any additional details in "Order Notes".

    6. How do I customize my gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, new client welcome gift, etc.?

    Easy! Use the "Order Notes" section to leave your personalization details and we will customize the notecard and sticker seal for you - all custom designs will be emailed to you for final approval.

    7. Can I include my marketing materials inside your gift boxes?

    Absolutely! You can either mail us the materials you'd like to include inside or we can print them for you. An added service fee may apply.  

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