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Gifting Made Preferred Customer Pricing Plan
Become a Preferred Customer (Get $25 in Free Gifts)

Become a Preferred Customer (Get $25 in Free Gifts)

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For a limited time, all new Gifting Made Preferred Customers get $25 in free gifts!

Preferred customers have access to our special "preferred pricing" on all gift boxes purchased (see below). This option is ideal for companies who plan to gift at least 10-25 gifts over the next 3-6 months.

Preferred pricing requires a $500 deposit to be credited towards your first $500 of gifts. Your credit can be applied to any of our Petite and Perfect gift boxes, at anytime. After your initial $500 is spent, you’ll be able to gift as-you-go at our preferred rate (see below).

Once purchased, you will receive a unique promo code to apply to all purchases up to $500.

Sign up now and receive a $525 credit (which includes $25 of free gifts)

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